Facebook Marketing

Facebook Business Page Management

Facebook is the number one social media website on the planet and is the second biggest website, just behind Google. That's a lot of power that can be harnessed to promote and build your business.

If you don't already have a Facebook business page, it is certain that your competitor does. That, alone, should be enough to make you rush to get your business page set up.

If you do already have a Facebook business page, then you probably want to make it perform better and make it easier to manage.

Although the reasons for having a Facebook business page are obvious, there are many reasons business owners drag their feet on creating one, or just leave their page poorly attended.

Managing a Facebook page can be a bit overwhelming. There are an unbelievable number of ways in which a Facebook business page can be used to boom your business. But this can be both a blessing and a curse.

The upside is that you can use Facebook to:

  • Get tons of new customers
  • Make sales online
  • Use laser-sharp targeting to reach customers who are ready to buy
  • Build your brand and reputation by interacting with your customers and potential customers
  • Survey your customers to find out what they really want
  • Create ad campaigns that go viral
  • Promote Special Offers for your customers
  • Reach all of your customers' friends

The list goes on and on.

Although there will probably never exist such as thing as a total business marketing and sales machine in a box, Facebook comes pretty close.

But with such opportunity also comes a lot of complexity. It can take dozens, if not hundreds of hours of study and experimentation to get Facebook to work in a way that will give your business the advantage it needs.

That is where Facebook Page Management will help.

Facebook Page Management is a service that handles your Facebook Business Page for you, while you focus on serving your customers. A Facebook Business Page Manager can help you do anything from making daily posts to your page to running multiple ad campaigns and promotions that drive in offline or online sales. The level of service you choose is up to you.

We refer all of our customers to Enget Marketing Group for their Facebook Business Page Management. They manage our own Facebook page and can handle anything you need, including setting up your Facebook Business Page, getting fans to your page, and fully handling the day-to-day management of your page, implementing all of the functions Facebook has to offer to help you generate more customers, leads and sales.

To contact them for a free quote (they will even give you a free Facebook marketing analysis/strategy consultation if you ask for it) call and ask for Kurt at: 727-433-8736.

Or email them at: engetmarketinggroup@gmail.com

Visit their website at: www.engetmarketinggroup.com/services